Leica SL-System - Overview

Leica SL-System

The Fundamental Choice.

Turning a fleeting moment into an unforgettable one requires a good eye— and above all—the right tools. And that's exactly where the highly versatile Leica SL-System comes in. Its mirrorless and state-of-the-art, full-frame system turns photographers and videographers into storytellers.

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Open to a world of versatility

The SL-System reveals a world that is both more versatile and more sustainable. With its L-Mount bayonet, the SL-System can be coupled with a variety of Leica lenses—including the legendary M-Lenses and the professional-grade S-Lenses. Together with the L-Mount it fits to any Panasonic and Sigma lenses, with an L-Mount as standard, to enable incredible photography and film.


The legendary Leica look

Leica pictures stand out. Every time. Immediately. They speak their own unmistakable language—one that captivates their admirers. Radiating energy that fascinates both photographers and observers alike. And it’s all down to one simple thing: that legendary and distinctive Leica look. Something Leica SL cameras capture in abundance.

Made by Leica

Passion unites us.

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A lasting decision

With intuitive controls, renowned Leica image quality and timeless, iconic design, the SL-System has everything you need to immortalize the moment that was. And the moment to come. A solid all-metal body encases the high-end technology within. Itself kept up-to-the-minute with continuous firmware updates. Year after year.

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Register your Leica. Enjoy exclusive benefits.

By registering your item, you can extend the warranty on your Leica camera or lens for a further 12 months and you’ll receive three digital editions of the LFI Magazine. This offer covers all Leica cameras and lenses from the M-System, SL-System and Q.