Leica x The European Nature Trust

Pedro Prata, Team Leader of Rewilding Portugal.

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Leica APO-Televid

Closer to nature than ever before

Nature has many faces beautiful, mysterious – and sometimes unpredictable. Rich with fascinating aspects to explore, the great outdoors unites nature lovers worldwide. And once you have fallen under its spell, you’ll have a hard time doing without it. Here at Leica, we feel the same sense of wonder. That’s why we are passionate about manufacturing highquality precision optics that provide more intense visual experiences. Our aim is to allow you to discover nature’s creatures up close, without disturbing them in their habitats. Use our products to expand your natural vision and enjoy details that would have remained forever hidden to the naked eye. Mindful. Intense. Sustainable. On the following pages, we invite you to learn more about us and our range of products. We manufacture them with the greatest care, achieving absolute precision and the highest possible quality. For a truly visionary visual experience.