Leica x Lizzie Daly


The story begins...

Step into an unforgettable Arctic adventure.

Join renowned biologist and filmmaker Lizzie Daly on an awe-inspiring journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Norwegian Arctic. 

In a remarkable two-part expedition series, Lizzie Daly, with the support of Leica Sport Optics, enters the frozen realms to bring you closer to the majestic wildlife and challenging environmental issues of this remote region. 

Stay tuned for exclusive insights and remarkable stories from the edge of the world, as seen through the lenses of Lizzie Daly. 


In Search of Frozen Giants

Discover the stark beauty of Norway's southern highlands, where Lizzie documents the mighty Musk Oxen against a backdrop of global warming. Enjoy breathtaking nature footage of these ancient animals and Lizzie's personal stories.

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A 'Killers' Charm

In the next chapter of this captivating series, follow Lizzie to Skjervoy, a picturesque fishing village in northern Norway. Here she explores the intricate dance between nature and tourism, focusing on the fascinating groups of orcas which inhabit the waters and the impacts they face.

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Blending Science and Storytelling

My Journey from Biology to Film

"I’ve always studied biological sciences and it’s been really rewarding for me. I never studied film but early on, filming and storytelling was an important outlet for me to share my passions with others. I think that’s why I started presenting because it was one of the most rewarding ways to get others engaged with wildlife and the environment. Now filming has become a part of that and so I try to combine the two methods of storytelling into pieces that I’m passionate about."


Discovering Earth’s Wonders with Leica Noctivid

"I’ve had many special moments over the past year or so with my Noctivid. I’ve sighted Jaguars in the Pantanal, wolves in the Canadian Arctic and so much more. We are currently filming a brand new series on 'Love Nature' all about North America’s most incredible marine life and conservation stories. My Noctivids have been integral in many of those shoots as we are often out on a boat, plane or coastline searching for cetaceans or activity at sea. One of my stand out moments was spotting the colossal blow of a blue whale off the coast of Baja in Mexico. A pretty remarkable experience."

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Exploring the Edge: Lizzie Daly’s Bucket List

"I would love to spend more time down in the Southern Ocean and in the Antarctic. There are plenty of wildlife stories around the bounce back of seabirds and whales that haven’t been fully told so that would be the dream."