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Every hunter knows the challenge of a long shot – whether in the mountains or in the wide open fields.

The new Leica Ballistics App is the practical solution, combining the best of two worlds. Thirty years’ pioneering expertise in rangefinding joins THE global leader in ballistics applications. Two experts – one perfect solution for the hunter. The Leica Pro models come factory-equipped with the Applied Ballistics Ultralite®, the world’s leading ballistics software, to deliver precise ballistics solutions based on the measured range, equivalent horizontal range, atmospheric data, and other ambient data for distances up to 875 yds (800 m). In doing so, Applied Ballistics® draws on G1/G7 coefficients and a database of more than 750 preset ammunition profiles.

The upgrade to Applied Ballistics Elite®, can be easily purchased from the Applied Ballistics® Web-Store. Via the Bluetooth® interface, the hunter can transfer the ballistics profile preset in the app to the Leica Pro model. The integrated ballistics calculator and the extensive stored values from Applied Ballistics® deliver the most accurate solutions for a precise shot. Close, long, or in between.

With the Ballistics App, the Geovid.COM and Rangemaster.COM models can also be connected and controlled easily via the Ballistics App.


1. Create, manage, store

Simply set up your Leica Rangefinder and create, manage, and store your specific ballistics profiles using the Leica Ballistics App – based on the precise solution supplied by Applied Ballistics®.


2. Connect

To connect your Leica Geovid Pro or .COM model to the Leica Ballistics App, simply select the Bluetooth® function (BT) in the menu.


3. Transfer

Transfer your settings and personal ballistics profiles to your Leica Rangefinder.


4. Calculate

Thanks to the integrated Applied Ballistics® software, you get highly accurate results for your Geovid Pro based on the measured range, the equivalent horizontal range, and ambient data such as temperature, air pressure, and angle.

All .COM models continue to use the Leica ABC calculation (on board) for real-time calculation.


5. Track

Thanks to the new, revolutionary LPT™ (Leica ProTrack) function, you receive the exact GPS coordinates based on the last measured distance and are guided to the location of the target (Geovid Pro models only).