About Applied Ballistics

The Cooperation.

The Cooperation.

A cooperation between Leica Camera AG and Applied Ballistics: 

The world’s leading ballistics software company enables ballistic correction for Leica rangefinders. 

Since January 2022, Leica Camera AG and Applied Ballistics have worked together to provide the best possible solution for long range hunting and shooting. Leica Camera AG provides precision range measurements and environmental conditions using onboard sensors for temperature, air pressure, and inclination. The Applied Ballistics software engine provides real-time, precise, and accurate ballistic solutions by utilizing environmental data from rangefinder’s built in sensors. All Leica Camera AG PRO products are preloaded with Applied Ballistics Ultralite, allowing fast firing solutions to 875 yards. To add even more capability and extended range solutions, the Leica Ballistics App allows users to easily upgrade to Applied Ballistics Elite, which supports Coriolis Effects, Spin Drift, AB Custom Drag Models, Sight Scale Factor, extra user profiles, and other features that improve accuracy for the dedicated hunter and shooter. 


About Applied Ballistics.

Applied Ballistics is known for being on the leading edge of information and technology for long-range precision hunting and shooting. Their core mission is to be the most comprehensive, unbiased source of external ballistics information for long-range hunters and shooters. Applied Ballistics is highly active in R&D, constantly developing new products, testing performance capabilities, and examining ideas for potential merit while dispensing with the marketing hype.  Ultimately this leads to simplification of what matters most for long-range shooters and hunters to make the learning process easier and execution of the most difficult shots faster. 

Applied Ballistics leverages the scientific method and promotes mastery through an understanding of the fundamentals. Their work serves the hunting and shooting community via easy-to-understand instructional materials and products including ballistic software for many different platforms. If you are a long-range hunter or shooter that is eager learn about the science of your craft, Applied Ballistics is the right choice for you.

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