Warranty Conditions - Leica Cine

Terms of Guarantee of Leica Smart Projection GmbH

Dear Leica Customer,

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Leica product - you bought a world famous brand product.

In addition to your legal guarantee claims against your seller we, Leica Smart Projection GmbH ("Leica Smart Projection") grant you a voluntary guarantee service for your Leica product according to the following provisions ("Leica SP-Guarantee"). Thus, the Leica SP-Guarantee neither restricts your legal rights as a consumer under the relevant law, nor your rights as a consumer against the trader with whom you entered into the purchase contract.

Kind regards,

Leica Smart Projection GmbH


The Leica SP-Guarantee

You purchased a Leica product produced according to specific quality guidelines and tested at each stage of production by experienced specialists. For this Leica product, including the accessories contained in the associated original packaging, we grant you the following Leica SP-Guarantee. Please note that we do not grant any guarantee in the event of commercial use.


Scope of the Leica SP-Guarantee

During the guarantee period, complaints based on manufacturing and material defects will be remedied free of charge, at Leica Smart Projection's discretion, by repair, replacement of defective parts, or by exchange for a corresponding defect-free Leica product. Replaced parts or products pass to the ownership of Leica Smart Projection.

Further claims of any kind and on any legal grounds whatsoever in connection with this Leica SP-Guarantee are excluded.


Exclusion from the Leica SP-Guarantee

Parts subject to wear and tear and batteries as well as mechanically stressed parts (for example remote control) are excluded from the Leica SP-Guarantee, unless the defect was caused by manufacturing or material defects. This also applies to any damage of the surface.


Lapse of claims under the Leica SP-Guarantee

Guarantee claims lapse if the relevant defect was caused by improper handling; they may also lapse if, among other things, third-party accessories have been used, the Leica product has not been opened properly or has not been properly repaired. Guarantee claims also lapse if the serial number is unidentifiable.


Assertion of the Leica SP-Guarantee

For being able to assert a guarantee claim, we require a copy of the purchase receipt of your Leica product from one of the dealers authorised by Leica Smart Projection ("Authorised Leica SP-Dealer"). The purchase receipt must show the date of purchase, the Leica product with its article number and serial number and details on the Authorised Leica SP-Dealer. We reserve the right to ask you to present the original receipt.


In the event that a service request arises, please contact us with a copy of the purchase receipt before returning the Leica product:

Leica Smart Projection GmbH
Customer Care
Am Leitz-Park 5
35578 Wetzlar

Telephone: +49 6441 2080-117

Additionally, Leica Smart Projection offers a pick-up service within the EU. Also in that case, please include a copy of the purchase receipt and contact us via e-mail or on the phone.


Guarantee period

The guarantee period of your Leica product is 3 years. It starts on the day of sale by an Authorised Leica SP-Dealer.