Leica Geovid Pro 32

The world's first compact premium rangefinding binocular

Master the distance

Whether at extreme long distances, in the mountains or deserts, or in difficult weather conditions, the Leica Geovid Pro 32 measures precisely. It combines unrivaled optical quality, powerful laser rangefinder and Applied Ballistics calculations and Leica ProTrack all in one small package. Using New Bluetooth connectivity, new Leica Hunting App with Applied Ballistics, internal ballistic solver, what results is the world’s most reliable, functional laser rangefinder binocular in any situation.

The Geovid Pro 32 rangefinder binoculars provide the highest possible in-class optics by providing the customer with a high-light transmission, exceptional color fidelity and ideal contrast. A very unique, patented optics design, the Perger-Porro provides unrivalled optical quality in light transmission, resolution, contrast and an perfectly sharp edge to edge image.

High-tech on board

An extremely accurate Class 1 laser measures distances up to 2,500 yds (2,300 m) reliably and quickly. A new feature, developed especially for bow hunters, offers an extremely low measurement tolerance of +/- 0.25 yds (0.23 m) at up to 200 yds (180 m). The Leica Geovid Pro 32 adjusts for the ambient parameters such as air pressure, temperature, and angle. With Applied Ballistics® on board, it precisely calculates the simple range, the equivalent horizontal range, and the correction values for holdover, units, and click adjustment. The newly developed 32-mm objective with Perger-Porro prisms and HD lenses delivers outstanding image quality, lifelike color, and exceptional brightness – even under the most difficult conditions.


A reliable companion in any connection

Whether on hunting trips, during bow hunting or on long stalks, the new Leica Geovid Pro 32 impresses with its small pack size, light weight and optical performance. It is ideal for active hunting. Intuitive operation and a user-friendly menu help the hunter to concentrate on the essentials.

The Geovid Pro’s internal engine is powered by Applied Ballistics in order to give the hunter and long range shooter the most accurate and precise real-time data available. With the embedded on board solver, the hunter / shooter gets the most accurate elevation and wind correction values for the shot, both near and at extreme ranges. Regardless of the profile used, the embedded atmospheric sensors for station pressure, temperature, angle and compass bearing are always used in the ballistic calculation.

Geovid Pro 32 and Applied Ballistics

Leica, the pioneer in laser rangefinding, now in collaberation with Applied Ballistics, brings you the world’s most advanced ballistic calculator both onboard the new Geovid Pro and in the all-new Leica Ballistic App. This enables a hunter or long range shooter to execute a perfect shot, even at extreme ranges. Both the Geovid’s integrated ballistic calculator and the app’s library of ballistic coefficients are provided by Applied Ballistics. The result is the most accurate and capable rangefinding solution available. Users can select from a broad range of popular bullet models and brands radar tested and modeled by Applied Ballistics. These exclusive custom drag models are not available in any other premium rangefinding solution on the market. Pair Applied Ballistics’ industry-leading shooting solutions with Leica’s optical and ranging expertise and you have a match made in heaven, in the field or at the range.

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Bright images, day and night

The Leica Geovid Pro 32 is perfect for the active hunter who likes to shoot at night. The glass is easy to handle, and its low weight ensures a very calm image. Its outstanding field of view gives the hunter a good overview of the surroundings, and the 32-mm lens delivers tremendous brightness well into twilight. In conjunction with the Leica Calonox View and Sight thermal cameras, it becomes the ideal optical solution for night hunting.

Milestone in rangefinding

Ultralight and compact

The most compact and powerful rangefinder binoculars are designed ergonomically, for outstanding ease of use.

Ballistics solution on board

Extremely accurate ballistics calculations using an internal atmospheric sensor, integrated Applied Ballistics® data, and wind correction using the Kestrel weather meter.

Premium laser rangefinder

Extremely precise, rapid rangefinding up to 2,500 yds (2,300 m) and with a very low measurement tolerance of +/- 0.25 yds (0.23 m) at up to 200 yds (180 m).

Best optical quality

The newly developed 32-mm objectives, with Perger-Porro prisms and HD lenses, deliver high transmission values, optimum color contrasts, and high image quality.

Seamless connection

Thanks to the integrated Applied Ballistics® solution and the Leica Ballistics App, other devices such as the Kestrel 5700 weather meter can be easily connected via Bluetooth®.