Leica Store Munich Maffeistraße


Spread out over 250m², the Leica Store Munich Maffeistraße presents Leica‘s current camera and sport optics product portfolios, as well as offering a very broad range of top-quality photo books, specialised literature and photography accessories. Leica Eyecare Mykita sunglasses, an in-house collaboration with WhiteWall photo service in gallery quality, and Leica Customer Care Service at the store, further complement our offers.

The Leica Store Munich Maffeistraße underlines the fascination of the World of Leica with an original, new design concept. Munich designer Holzrausch collaborated with Office Heinzelmann Ayadi OHA, to give the setting a makeover that brought about a paradigm shift in Leica Store design. Natural surfaces in the warm tones of sustainable wood, convey a calm, intimate atmosphere that invites the visitor to linger, while placing the focus on the products.

The large Leica Gallery on the ground floor presents high quality and varied exhibitions, with celebrated photographers whose works make the fascination of photography tangible. Furthermore, the gallery regularly hosts photography workshops for beginners and professionals, as well as exciting talks by renowned photographers.

The Leica Store Munich Maffeistraße team is looking forward to welcoming numerous visitors and photography enthusiasts.

Joachim Baldauf

Leica Gallery Munich Maffeistrasse

The Leica Gallery Munich Maffeistraße is located between Odeonsplatz and Marienplatz, in one of the city’s most traditional districts. The 80 square metre venue presents photographic art of the highest quality.

Regularly changing, top class exhibitions by national and international artists will be on display.

Cine 1 Details Leica Design

Leica Cine 1 – the first Cinema TV from Leica

The Leica Cine 1 is the all-in-one entertainment system that delivers authentic home cinema experiences, right in your living room. The smart Cinema TV captivates with outstanding 4K image resolution, immersive Dolby Atmos® surround sound, and unmistakable Leica quality. 

Discover the Art of Home Cinema


Second Hand

At the Leica Store Munich Maffeistraße we are interested in new, used and historic Leica cameras and lenses. We will give you competent advice, and are ready to purchase your individual pieces and discounts.

Come by and we will evaluate your Leica devices and make you an offer. You are also welcome to give your older Leica equipment in down-payment for a new item, or we can sell it for you on commission.

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The Store Team

The team at the Leica Store Munich Maffeistrasse is available at any time to give you expert advice, and looks forward to welcoming numerous visitors and photography enthusiasts.

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Talk to one of our Leica product experts at the Stuttgart store. We are happy to advise you concerning our Leica products, by phone at +49 (0) 211 54 28 27 26, or you can leave a message with your query to be contacted.

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