Leica Monovid

Revealing even the finest details


Bright and clear image

Top quality from Leica

Thanks to the outstanding optics with spectacular resolution, the Leica Monovid always offers an optimal viewing experience. Thanks to the included close-up accessory lens, even objects just 25 to 30 cm away can be observed. The lens can be easily screwed onto the objective lens and enables a macro effect that lets the viewer see the finest structures.


Light, compact, stylish

With you at all times

The Monovid 8 x 20 Blackline with 8x magnification is lightweight, robust, absolutely handy and fits in any jacket pocket without attracting attention. When not in use, the close-up lens can be safely stowed away in the included leather case with silent magnetic closure.


8x Magnification

Getting you closer

The Monovid 8 x 20 Blackline not only impresses with its elegant design, but also with its outstanding optics. It delivers brilliant, high-contrast and razor-sharp images. The close-up lens enables a macro effect, and the nitrogen filling works against fogging from the inside.