The Leica Q2 Reporter continues the long-standing tradition of integral design specifically crafted to meet the challenges of reportage and press photography.  Along with its robust exterior, the camera is distinguished by a deliberate discreet appearance -- enabling the photographer to work without drawing undue attention. Both the red Leica dot on the front and the engraving on the top plate are consciously omitted for this purpose.    


Leica Q2 Reporter

The design variant of the Leica Q2 is enveloped in a ‘body armour’ made of aramid fibres – a  synthetic material known for its exceptional resilience. Over time, exposure to natural UV  rays will change the fabric’s color, until it matches the dark green, highly scratch-resistant  finish of the camera body. In addition to these traits, the Leica Q2 Reporter offers the same  level of protection against dust and water ingress as the serial model.


Q2 Reporter Kevlar

Aramid Fiber

A synthetic material used in high-grade protective clothing. The fibers are so tightly spun,  that they are almost impossible to separate. As a result, the Q2 Reporter's aramid fibers trim  - woven in a distinctive pattern – offers outstanding protection and excellent grip even in the  harshest conditions.

Product registration Leica Q2

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Leica Q2 Traveller Kit

The Leica Q2 comes in this limited Traveller Kit including an extra battery and the brand-new leather wrapping cloth that reliably protects the Leica Q2 against scratches and dust. Start a photographic journey with the Leica Q2 Traveller Kit for a total saving of $460.


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