Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee

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Q2 Ghost Hero

In 2019, we designed the Leica M10-P "Ghost" in cooperation with Hodinkee. Building on our successful collaboration with this leading luxury watch platform, we now introduce a special edition of the Leica Q2: the Leica Q2 "Ghost" by Hodinkee.

The Leica Q2 "Ghost" by Hodinkee pays homage to an iconic diving watch known to connoisseurs as the "Ghost Bezel". This legendary classic watch, with its very rare bezel, served as an inspiration for the elegant and subtle color scheme of this special edition Leica Q2. The combined passion of two companies with a century-old tradition of developing precision tools to capture and measure time.

The Leica Q2 "Ghost" by Hodinkee features a grey, fine cowhide leather with a natural texture and matching light grey lacquered lens and case. It deliberately avoids the red Leica logo. Its carrying strap is woven from grey yarn with a stable key-ring binding to complete the stylish look of this special edition, which is technically identical to the standard Q2 model.

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Leica Q2 Traveller Kit

The Leica Q2 comes in this limited Traveller Kit including an extra battery and the brand-new leather wrapping cloth that reliably protects the Leica Q2 against scratches and dust. Start a photographic journey with the Leica Q2 Traveller Kit for a total saving of $460.


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