Carrying straps M à la carte, full-grain calf leather
Material number

Das Wesentliche

  • Made of high-quality leather

  • With protection flap to prevent scratches on your camera

  • Shoulder pads with embossed Leica logo

  • Adjustable in length (100 cm to 118 cm)

  • Product description
  • Material, texture and colour of the carrying straps are in line with the respective leather trim. However, they are easy and quick to attach to all other M, Q, CL and TL cameras too. All carrying straps are made of high-quality leather and have a protection flap to prevent scratches on your camera. Carrying the camera becomes comfortable thanks to the adjustable length of the straps and variable shoulder pad with an embossed Leica logo.

    Suitable for all M, Q and CL cameras as well as TL cameras (use with 18807).