Leica Rope Straps

designed by COOPH

Rugged elegance for the adventurous photographer

Everything made for mountain climbing must be robust. In the latest collaboration between Leica and COOPH, we’ve taken mountaineering ropes, and created ruggedly elegant Leica camera straps for adventurous photographers. Made in Germany, the rope features Italian-made leather details. A stylish, yet sturdy accessory with character to carry your camera safely and comfortably.

The Rope Straps SO are suitable for all Leica S, SL, V-Lux and Sofort cameras.

The Rope Straps are suitable for all M-, Q-, X (Type 113) and TL cameras.

The Double Rope Strap is the winner in the category: Lifestyle and Travel/Comfort and Security Items of the European Design Product Award 2020.

Suitable for all M-, Q-, X (Type 113) and TL cameras

Name Order number
Rope Strap, Red Check, 100cm 18868
Rope Strap, Red Check, 126cm 18869
Rope Strap, Olive, 100cm 18870
Rope Strap, Olive, 126cm 18871
Rope Strap, Gray, 100cm 18872
Rope Strap, Gray, 126cm 18873
Double Rope Strap, Red, 100cm 18881
Double Rope Strap, Red, 126cm 18882
Double Rope Strap, Night, 100cm 18879
Double Rope Strap, Night, 126cm 18880
Paracord Handstrap, black/black 18890
Paracord Handstrap, black/red 18892
Paracord Handstrap, black/olive 18891
Paracord Strap, black/black, 100cm 18893
Paracord Strap, black/black, 126cm 18894
Paracord Strap, black/olive, 100cm 18895
Paracord Strap, black/olive, 126cm 18896
Paracord Strap, black/red, 100cm 18897
Paracord Strap, black/red, 126cm 18898
Name Order number
Rope Strap, Fire, 100cm 18586
Rope Strap, Fire, 126cm 18587
Rope Strap, Glowing Red, 100cm 18588
Rope Strap, Glowing Red, 126cm 18589
Rope Strap, Night, 100cm 18590
Rope Strap, Night, 126cm 18591
Rope Strap, Oasis, 100cm 18592
Rope Strap, Oasis, 126cm 18593

Suitable for all Leica S, SL, V-Lux and SOFORT cameras

Name Order number
Rope Strap, Red Check, 100cm, SO 19868
Rope Strap, Red Check, 126cm, SO 19869
Rope Strap, Olive, 100cm, SO 19870
Rope Strap, Olive, 126cm, SO 19871
Rope Strap, Gray, 100cm, SO 19872
Rope Strap, Gray, 126cm, SO 19873
Double Rope Strap, Night, 100cm, SO 19879
Double Rope Strap, Night, 126cm, SO 19880
Double Rope Strap, Red, 100cm, SO 19881
Double Rope Strap, Red, 126cm, SO 19882
Rope Strap, Fire, 100cm, SO 19586
Rope Strap, Fire, 126cm, SO 19587
Rope Strap, Glowing Red, 100cm, SO 19588
Rope Strap, Glowing Red, 126cm, SO 19589
Rope Strap, Night, 100cm, SO 19590
Rope Strap, Night, 126cm, SO 19591
Rope Strap, Oasis, 100cm, SO 19592
Rope Strap, Oasis, 126cm, SO 19593