Zurumbático Exhibition by Luis Cobelo

From 01st February till 04th March 2023 in Leica Gallerie Madrid
Luis Cobelo - Zurumbatico

Zurumbático is an endless journey to the place where "One hundred years of solitude", the literary work of the writer Gabriel García Márquez was born.

On the 55th anniversary of its original publication, and 40 years since the awarding of the Nobel Prize to García Márquez's magical realism, Leica Gallerie Madrid is pleased to show Luis Cobelo's work, for the first time in Spain, in its entirety. A story full of extraordinary essence, contained in thousands of Latin American villages, roots of a gigantic empirical hemisphere, passionate, forgotten, fickle, violent, improvised and above all, happy.

"Zurumbático is a tunnel of feelings, sensations, impressions and especial events, in which I enter and leave as I wish. Immersed in this dimension, I understood and reconfirmed that the unusual, the everyday, the comic, even the tragic, has no explanation, neither asked nor sought".

Zurumbático de Luis Cobelo
02/01/2023 - 03/04/2023
Leica Store Madrid
C/ Ortega y Gasset 34
28006 Madrid