Dual Exhibition: Ralph Gibson & Mary Ellen Mark

On view until January 30, 2022

Leica Gallery Los Angeles is proud to present a dual exhibition featuring the works of Ralph Gibson & Mary Ellen Mark. On view until January 30, 2022. Private viewing upon request. Contact Leica Gallery Manager Paris Chong at (424) 777-0347 to book an appointment.

Ralph Gibson

"When my friend Marty Cohen asked if I was interested in doing a project in Israel I immediately responded yes! I had always thought of going there but my expectations were less than I discovered. It soon became apparent that as a photographer there was a wealth of material to experience. Israel is the oldest and the youngest country in the world. The light is clarion, optical and of a Mediterranean hue and this ancient luminosity refracts into mythology and biblical wisdom. Although the population is mostly secular one senses a profound spirituality. This can be seen in the words carved into stone thousands of years ago or written on parchment in the ancient tomes. These artifacts reveal an early need for knowledge and expression. One feels positioned as a human being in a much more specific way." - Ralph Gibson


Mary Ellen Mark

Remarkable Women features some of Mary Ellen Marks most memorable images from her lifelong study on women‘s issues. Mary Ellen Mark (1940-2015) has been a leading documentary photographer for over 30 years and has achieved worldwide visibility through her many exhibitions, books, photo essays and portraits. Mark traveled extensively since her first trip to Turkey on a Fulbright Scholarship in 1965. Her pictures of diverse people and cultures are groundbreaking images in the documentary field. Her essays on runaway children in Seattle, circuses and brothels in India, Catholic and Protestant women in Northern Ireland and patients in the maximum-security ward of Oregon State Mental Hospital demonstrate original and insightful ways of examining each theme. Her photographs are compassionate and factual.


Dual Exhibition: Ralph Gibson & Mary Ellen Mark
12/02/2021 - 01/30/2022
Leica Gallery Los Angeles