Improved features and functionality

Improved features and functionality for maximum performance

Everything we do is driven by your passion for photography. We provide regular firmware updates to ensure that you can look forward to enduring enjoyment of your camera.

Improve the performance of your Leica SL2 and see the benefits of the new features and functions.

Optimized functions in detail

Firmware Update 3.0

Firmware Update 3.0  
New Autofocus algorithm • Improved eye/face/head/body recognition and focus tracking.
HEVC video compression • Internal 4K recording with 10 Bit at 60p/50p with h.265 codec.
Long-GOP • Recording for 10 Bit codecs with 150 – 200 MB/s means same Image Quality as All-Intra but less than half of data size
Segmented Video • Videorecording will be split 1 minute segments to avoid data loss.
Individual Viewing LUT • Upload function for individual Look Up Tables.
Enhanced Live View • Better low light image composition control of the Live View image.
Image Overlay • Allows alignment of the camera position on basis of a previous taken image, that is displayed in a transparent mode in the EVF or on the LCD.
Automatic Follow Focus • Definition of three focus points for automatic focus shift during video recording.• FN Buttons are now possible to use.• Focus adjustment in video and live view additionally to predefined sequence.
Wave form monitor • Professional exposure valuation of the video signal.
Color bar • Reference for correct color grading and sound control in postproduction.
Record indication Frame (Tally Mode) • Camera shows red frame on LCD during video recording.
Highlight weighted metering • Metering method to save highlights instead of shadows.
Dynamic-range control • Increase brightness in shadows.
Highlight-shadow control • Precise contrast adjustment controls.

Information on Multishot Function

  • Only full-frame lenses are suitable for use with the multishot function.
  • Any aperture between 1 and 16 can be selected.
  • As ISO settings, values from 50 to 3200 are possible.
  • The use of a flash is not possible.
  • The electronic shutter is always used.
  • The multishot function automatically turns off the image stabilization (BIS and OIS).
  • The shutter speeds range from 1/40,000 to 1sec.

Download Firmware Update

Download the firmware update for the Leica SL2 below. The instructions provided with the firmware update will guide you safely through the installation process.

pdf (1.8 MB)
lfu (117.9 MB)

Firmware chronology

Firmware Update 2.0

Multishot • With Multishot the user can create photos with a resolution up to 187MP.
• One photo will be taken at normal resolution (47MP) and one at high resolution (187MP).
Improvement on the Video Menu GUI • In the submenus of the video mode, a white highlighted header shows that the user operates in video mode.
Improvement on the AF field size setting • The AF-field size can be changed with a long tap without moving the AF field.
SD-Card naming • After formatting the SD-Card, the card will be named with “Leica SL2”.
Detection of M lenses 6-bit coded M lenses will be recognized at all time with the M-Adapter L.
Elimination of artifacts on very fast continuous shooting In the drive mode “Continous – Very High Speed” there were artifacts in the DNG under certain settings, which have now been removed.
Correction of the focus distance value of feet The focus distance on the top display has been corrected and now shows the correct values.
Connectivity enhancements with App and Image Shuttle General improvements for a faster and more stable connection between camera and smartphone or computer.