Leica SL2-S + Leica Summicron-SL 35 f/2 + M-Adapter L + BP-SCL6 battery + Display Protection

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Leica SL2-S Kit with Summicron-SL 35

The Leica SL2-S combines two cameras in one. The high-resolution 24 MP CMOS BSI full-frame sensor and the latest Maestro III processor can be operated in their own shooting modes for photo and video with high performance and fast results. A variety of different formats and professional video functions make the SL2-S an extremely flexible companion both on set and off. This set combines the versatile camera with the compact prime lens Leica Summicron-SL 35 f/2 ASPH. opening up a wide range of applications: from landscape, street and reportage to close-up photography. Weighing only 13.05 ounces, this lens is an excellent choice for many applications. Thanks to the fast and silent focusing it is also perfectly suited for high-end videography.

The M-Adapter L expands the possibilities of the SL2-S with a complete lens portfolio beyond the L-Mount lenses. The use of the legendary Leica M lenses on the SL2-S offers completely new creative possibilities for manual photography and videography with that distinctive Leica Look. The powerful BP-SCL6 battery included in the kit ensures that the SL2-S remains ready for action each time you shoot. And the premium hybrid glass display protection additionally supports the use of the IP54-certified camera in harsh conditions.