Leica M10-P "ASC 100 Edition"
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Das Wesentliche

  • Limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

  • Two specially tailored cinema-look modes

  • Frame Lines as capture assistant

  • Special high glossy polished engraving

  • Gold-coloured anodised lens

  • Metal lens cap with ASC Logo

  • Compatible with Cine lens range

  • Product description
  • Included in the box
  • A tribute to the world of cinema...

    To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the American Society of Cinematographers, Leica brings an exclusive rendition of the M10-P.

    This special edition features two authentic cine looks developed by Leica in collaboration with some of the world’s most influential cinematographers and members of the ASC.

    The ASC Cine Classic mode simulates a classic, analogue 35 mm cine film look while the ASC Contemporary mode delivers the current digital look of contemporary movies.

    To make the M10-P 'ASC 100 Edition' a tool for professional cinematographers, it will enable users to select from different frame lines used in cinematography. Once activated, the corresponding frame lines are displayed as a bright-line frame. This enables cinematographers and directors to view and assess scenes with any desired lens before shooting begins.

    Included in the set is a Leica M-PL adapter, which enables you to mount almost all available PL mount cine lenses on the market, including the Leica Cine Lens range.

    Location scouting can also be made much easier with the aid of the Leica FOTOS App, as the combination of the camera and the App offers the ability to share and discuss results immediately with all parties involved in the filming project.

    The modern interpretation of Oskar Barnack’s vision is expressed not only in the unique range of functions offered by Leica M10-P 'ASC 100 Edition', but also in the camera’s design. Radically reduced to just the essentials, the engravings on its black chrome surfaces are in a dark slate grey.

    The technical-functional look is carried forward in the leathering, which is similar to that also found on the Leica SL.

    The design of the Leica Summicron-M 35 f/2 ASPH. of the set stands in contrast to the camera and reflects the character of the ‘Ur-Leica’. Its gold-coloured anodised finish recalls the brass of the lens of the ground-breaking original and stylishly translates it into present-day gold.

    The final touch to the look of the Leica M10-P 'ASC 100 Edition' is the classic ASC logo on the top plate that seems to disappear in certain lighting conditions.

    Limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

  • M10-P, black chrome | M10-P standard carrying strap | Summicron-M 35/f2 ASPH., gold-coloured anodized finish | Visoflex (Typ 020) | M-PL-Mount with support | Battery, Charger & Cables | Instructions | Special set packaging