Leica Geovid R excels in three areas: optimum optics, precise laser measurement, easy operation

Wetzlar, Germany. July 25, 2022

With the new generation of Leica Geovid R binoculars, the traditional German company has reimagined proven technology and optimized it to perfection. Leica engineers have succeeded in creating a binocular family for all applications, offering best optical performance together with a laser rangefinder. Virtually unlimited image quality means that hunters and nature enthusiasts can use any of the four Geovid R models and enjoy easy operation and streamlined functionality. The modern, handy design, combined with utterly robust and precise mechanics, guarantees carefree use for decades to come.

Wetzlar, Germany. July 25, 2022. Back in 2004, Leica presented the second-generation Leica Geovid with a fully-integrated rangefinder, but equipped with an articulated bridge and central focusing like a normal glass. Based on this model series, the Leica Geovid R has now been redesigned on a completely reworked platform. A perfected mechanical concept combines Leica premium optics and the latest Leica laser measurement technology. The main focus is on high optical performance, extremely precise and fast rangefinding, and simplified handling. All of this is offered at a price comparable to binoculars without rangefinders. The deliberate choice to limit programming options reduces each model of the Geovid R family to what is really important – the essentials.

Optimum image quality

Despite the integrated laser rangefinder, the Leica Geovid R delivers excellent image quality. The captivating optics are best in class, offering an image quality nearly identical to non-rangefinder binoculars. So there is no reason to do without the laser rangefinder to get better image quality at the same price. Color brilliance, resolution, and image contrast are of decisive importance, for example, when identifying animal species. Edge-to-edge sharpness lets you observe smallest details in any situation. High color fidelity makes the finest nuances visible. The Leica Geovid R fully meets the requirements of professionals here. And all this in Leica’s entry-level segment. What’s more, Leica’s extensive experience in the efficient suppression of stray light comes into play. Special apertures in the beam path further improve the image quality. Lowest-tolerance components and continuous monitoring during production guarantee a precisely adjusted optical system. The rugged mechanism allows practically unrestricted, continuous use. The valuable optics are protected by a multi-layer coating.

Intuitive operation

When using Leica Geovid R laser binoculars, the user should be able to concentrate fully on observation. To achieve this, the design and functionality must be such that operation is practically intuitive. This has been achieved perfectly with the Leica Geovid R. The binoculars can be taken straight out of the packaging and used without any lengthy preparation or prior knowledge. Only the supplied battery needs to be inserted.

The large, easy-to-grip dial in the center lets users focus in the blink of an eye. It can be easily operated with fingertips, even in gloves. The smooth-running Leica mechanics will impress any user. The massive articulated bridge makes setting the interpupillary distance easy and reliable and gives tangible proof on the nearly indestructible design and construction.

Ergonomic ease of use also includes placing the control buttons in easily accessible positions. Rangefinding is controlled with just two buttons. The Leica Geovid R displays the direct distance to the target point at the push of a button.

For steep shots, you can switch to EHR mode. In this case, the Geovid R displays the distance equivalent to a straight shot – the “equivalent horizontal range” (EHR). This lets you use the trajectory data as for straight shots. EHR is used by hunters around the world. Last but not least, the Geovid R can be switched to meters and yards.

Highest precision

Light travels at a speed of about 300,000 kilometers per second. The Leica Geovid R emits a laser beam and measures how long it takes for this beam to reflect off the target object and return to the binoculars. From this unimaginably brief interval, the integrated Leica electronics calculate the target distance – with incredible precision. For this reason, the Geovid R can not only be used for very long shots at up to 1800 meters, but also by bow hunters at shorter distances. Since a flying arrow describes a very pronounced ballistic curve, exact measurements at close range are of particular importance.

With the Geovid R, most measuring errors are reliably avoided. Here, the high-quality rangefinder reveals its strengths. Whether in rain or other adverse weather conditions, extreme temperatures or poorly reflective objects, the Geovid R can be relied on in all situations. The solid aluminum housing enclosed in particularly durable rubber armoring protects the precise mechanics and the electronic components from shocks and the elements.

To ensure that only the desired target object is measured – not other small objects that cross the path of the laser – the Geovid R is equipped with intelligent secondary-target logic. For example, the desired range to the buck is found; the small bird on a fence is ignored. At close range, grasses and branches are also reliably filtered out. Measurements can be taken safely and without worry, even when stalking or shooting from the edge of a meadow.

Which Geovid R model for which purpose?

Leica Geovid R 8x42
The convenient daylight specialist has a wide field of view and a very steady image. It is the perfect glass for stalking, where a generous view is needed to find the game. Very little image wobble allows for comfortable extended viewing and accurate identification of game. The 8x magnification is absolutely sufficient for mid-range distances. Use in early dusk is possible.

Leica Geovid R 10x42
This daylight glass is the perfect instrument for the advanced observer who needs higher magnification. 10x magnification makes it easy to accurately observe specific areas at slightly greater distances. Even more precise observation of features is possible. Whenever minute detail is important and the user is fairly experienced, this is the ideal choice.

Leica Geovid R 8x56
These lightweight binoculars with 7-mm exit pupil guarantee successful use into deep dusk. Proven optical values make this model ideal for the raised hide. Extended observation is possible without fatigue. Very bright and clear images make this a true night glass. One that can be operated easily – even in winter wearing thick gloves. As with all Leica Geovid R models, the display brightness is automatically regulated in the dark.

Leica Geovid R 15x56
With 15x magnification, this glass is a specialist for exceptional applications. Thanks to very high magnification, details can be clearly seen at very long distances. Finding game in vast landscapes is easy for the experienced observer. For a steadier image, a stalking stick or other support is recommended. These binoculars are predestined for long-range shooting. Not only suitable for shooting range or raised hide, their balanced weight and shape mean they can also be used for more dynamic hunts.


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The Leica Geovid R can be purchased from specialist shops or from the over 80 Leica Stores worldwide.


Benefits of the Leica Geovid R at a glance

+ models for all applications
+ best optics in price segment
+ bright and brilliant image
+ performs like familiar, non-rangefinder binoculars

+ very easy rangefinding function
+ intuitive use without knowledge of ballistics
+ EHR function for successful angle shots
+ measurement range up to 1800 m
+ also suitable for short distances (bow hunters)
+ smart secondary-target logic avoids errors

+ outstanding ease of use
+ optimum arrangement of control buttons
+ rapid, easy-grip focusing
+ compact and lightweight
+ precise and rugged mechanism
+ water- and dirt-repellent lenses

+ protective ever-ready case
+ contoured neoprene strap
+ ready to use, battery included

+ unrivaled value for money
+ comprehensive customer service

Leica Geovid R models and recommended retail price (RRP)

Leica Geovid R 8x42 / 1700 euros
Leica Geovid R 10x42 / 1700 euros
Leica Geovid R 8x56 / 1950 euros
Leica Geovid R 15x56 / 2250 euros


Delivery start for all Geovid R models: September 20, 2022


For more information, please contact:

Peter Brade
Leica Sportoptik Press & Communication
Phone: +49 (0)6441 2080 615

Matthias Dunkel
Leica Sportoptik Deutschland GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)6441 2080 425

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