Leica Geovid Pro 10x42

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The boost for long shots.

The Leica Geovid Pro 10x42 is the perfect companion for all who hunt at great distances during the day. In the mountains, as well as for long-range sport shooting, its high magnification allows detailed observation. Compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed, the Geovid Pro 10x42 is ideal for long alpine hunts or long-range adventures abroad. 

Ideal for long-range precision.

The Leica Geovid Pro 10x42 measures the equivalent horizontal range (EHR), factoring in barometric pressure, temperature, and terrain features – for accurate, long-range shots up to 2,950 meters. The pre-installed, world-leading Applied Ballistics Ultralight® software calculates the most accurate ballistics values for up to 800 m. In the upgrade version Applied Ballistics Elite®, even up to the maximum range of 2,950 meters. All correction data required for a precise shot is shown on the display of the Geovid Pro 10x42, immediately after measurement.

Optimum observation quality.

The Leica Geovid Pro 10x42 offers the very best in optical performance: high transmission values, excellent lifelike colors, and strong contrasts. The 42-mm lenses and the Perger-Porro prisms deliver outstanding image quality, optimum color fidelity, and exceptional brightness – even under the most challenging conditions. The proven rubber-armored magnesium housing is rugged and protects its high-end interior from the elements, making all Leica Geovid Pro models truly reliable companions.

Leica Geovid Pro 10x42 – the “boost” for your successful hunt.

Anyone who prefers to hunt at long distances needs magnification reserves for detailed observation and reliable identification. The Leica Geovid Pro 10x42 offers you this boost. It is also compact and powerful in terms of optical performance and ballistics solutions. Equipped with a 42-mm lens, a precise Class 1 laser, and the world’s leading Applied Ballistics® software, it enables precise long shots under all conditions. Via the Bluetooth® interface, you can very easily transfer your preferred ballistics profile, which you have preset in the new Leica Ballistics App 2.0, to your Leica Geovid Pro 10x42.