Leica Service Certificate


The Leica Service Certificate

As a special service, we offer the opportunity to have your products tested on our Leica certified measuring and testing instruments according to specified criteria, regardless of the age of the product.

After your camera or lens has successfully passed the test, we will issue an original Leica Service Certificate including a warranty of 24 months from the date of inspection.

The Leica Service Certificate is available for the following products*


  • Leica M digital (from Leica M9)
  • Leica M analogue (Leica M6, M7, MP, M-A Typ 127)
  • Leica SL and successors
  • Leica Q and successors 


  • Leica M-Lenses
  • Leica SL-Lenses

*due to the large portfolio of Leica products a technical review by our Leica Customer Care is necessary to determine if a service certificate can be issued

Prices & Terms

  • Leica Service Certificate for Lenses: 300,- EUR (plus VAT) per lens
  • Leica Service Certificate for Cameras: 300,- EUR (plus VAT) per camera

If your product does not pass all test criteria, we will provide you with an optional quote for all the work necessary to successfully obtain the Service Certificate including the 24-month warranty.

If you do not wish to have this work carried out, you will receive the Service Certificate at a price of 300,- EUR plus VAT without the 24-month warranty. The conditions for Leica Service Certificates apply.

Leica Service Certificate - AGB und Widerruf 2022
pdf (129.69 KB)
Leica Service Certificate - T&C Revocation 2022
pdf (136.95 KB)

How to send in your product

To pack your Leica product, we recommend bubble wrap or the original packaging with outer carton. To protect the product from shocks, please select a sturdy outer carton and cushion the inside with sufficient filling material.

Please kindly print and fill in the service form below and enclose it to your shipment as well.

Begleitschein Leica Service Certificate 2023
pdf (148.47 KB)
Shipping Document Leica Service Certificate 2023
pdf (242.42 KB)
The test criteria in detail
Leica M-Cameras M-Lenses
Visual Inspection Optical performance on axis
View finder inspection Focal length
Sensor inspection Function focusing mount
Shutter speed inspection Optical performance off axis
EVF inspection Focus position
Leica Production Test Function aperture
Leica SL-Cameras Leica SL-Lenses
Visual Inspection Visual Inspection
Visual Inspection Optical performance on axis
Sensor inspection Optical performance off axis
Shutter speed inspection Focus position inspection
EVF inspection AF/MF inspection
Leica Production Test Aperture inspection
Leica Q
Visual Inspection
OIS inspection
Sensor inspection
Lens inspection
EVF inspection
Leica Production Test