Leica MP
Material number
black paint finish

Das Wesentliche

  • 35mm format analogue rangefinder camera

  • Mechanical settings for setting exact exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO). Manual ISO setting range for all films speed from ISO 6 to ISO 6400

  • Incredibly bright 0.72x magnification rangefinder viewfinder with brightlines allowing you to see the subject both inside and outside of the field of capture

  • Clear and legible window displaying number of exposures taken

  • Built in spot-light meter for setting exact exposure on the go

  • Fully mechanical camera requiring no batteries except for operating light meter

  • Can be used with full range of M mount lenses

  • Rapid film loading using unique film loading mechanism

  • Shower resistant sealing allowing camera to be used in challenging weather conditions

  • Hotshoe for mounting flash and PC sync socket for off camera flash cable and in studio flash sync. Standard ¼” tripod screw on base

  • Product description
  • Included in the box
  • At the core of photographic history, the Leica film camera has stood as the benchmark of perfection for all film photographers from amateur to professional for over 70 years. The design of the Leica MP film camera is based on a combination of the finest features of all the Leica M film cameras produced since 1954 rolled into one. As one of the last legendary film cameras still in production today, the Leica MP stands as the finest tool for photographers of any skill level. Seasoned professionals looking for a tool to last them a lifetime or enthusiasts looking to take their film photography to the next level will find the perfect companion in the Leica MP.  

    Following a Leica tradition, the Leica MP offers the perfect balance between resistance and progress, easy handling and simplicity, quality results and creative freedom. Its light meter offers the photographer the security to quickly and precisely chose the right settings even for subjects difficult to assess. Its development is based on more than 50 years of experience in designing mechanical rangefinder cameras. The result is a puristic masterpiece whose emotional quality the photographer will grasp as soon as he holds it in his hands.

  • Camera body | Carrying strap | Body bayonet cap | Cover for accessory shoe | Batteries


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