Leica Screen | 120"
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Das Wesentliche

  • Excellent images even in bright rooms

  • High-contrast coating for deep black levels and excellent colour reproduction

  • Absorption of scattered light

  • Everyone in the room can enjoy the best image thanks to the generous viewing angle

  • Stable frame with spring tension for a wrinkle-free and permanently flat canvas

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  • Included in the box
  • High-contrast framed screens from Leica

    Impressive home cinema experience for film lovers

    For optimal image results, Leica offers high-contrast framed screens with ALR (Ambient Light Rejection), tailored to the Leica Cine 1 and firmly mounted to the wall. The ALR feature ensures that distracting ambient light is blocked out and the projected light from the triple RGB laser is directed towards the viewer. The special coating absorbs frustrating reflections and unwanted light, thereby optimizing the resulting image. In combination with the high image quality of the Leica Cine 1 Laser TV,  the screen will make it possible to experience amazing contrast, impressive light-to-dark gradation, and a vibrant and detailed variety of colours. Nothing stands in the way of an eye-friendly and incomparable film enjoyment at home. Leica offers the Daylight version of the high-contrast screen in sizes of up to 100 inches, which delivers ideal image results even in daylight. For optimal image reproduction for larger film projections, the Leica 120-inch screen is available in the Cinematic version, which has been optimized for a large viewing angle with reduced ambient light.


    Installation Service

    Benefit from the advantages of a customized installation service for your Leica Screen. More information at your Leica Store or authorized dealer.

    *Optical and technical features may vary depending on the country version. Please contact your Leica Store or authorized dealer for professional installation service. 

  • Frame, screen, mounting materials

    *The actual scope of delivery may very depending on the version.