Leica S3
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  • Compact Medium Format DSLR

  • 64MP CMOS Sensor (30x45mm)

  • 15 f-stops dynamic range

  • Up to ISO 50000

  • Medium Format Cine 4K system

  • WLAN & GPS integrated

  • Dual-Shutter System

  • Huge Optical Viewfinder

  • Dust & Spray water sealed

  • Made in Germany with 3 years warranty

  • Product description
  • Included in the box
  • Reignite your passion for photography with the Leica S

    The Leica S3 features a completely newly developed medium format 64MP CMOS sensor. The state of the art Leica Maestro II imaging processor provides an entirely new medium format experience in terms of superior imaging quality, speed and video capability. A fully integrated camera concept based on optics, mechanics, digital high tech and operating interface work in perfect harmony, delivering incomparable medium-format quality, paired with the iconic "Leica look".

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    The Medium Format Sensor

    The S3 is fitted with a brand new sensor, developed in perfect harmony with the S lens range. With a 71% increase in resolution to its predecessor, the S3 sensor features:

    - New colour filters for finest true-to-life colour reproduction
    - No low pass filter for maximum detail and sharpness
    - Lower power consumption for reduced sensor heat
    - Faster readout rate for reduced rolling shutter
    - Dual Gain Technology to allow for lower noise in higher ISO modes

    Central shutter

    A further highlight of the S-System is the central shutter. In contrast to a focal plane shutter with a maximum sync speed of 1/125s, a central shutter allows flash synchronisation even at its fastest shutter speed of 1/1000s. This offers considerably greater exposure leeway for creative photography, particularly when working with professional studio flash systems or shooting in bright ambient light.

    The S3 allows up to 8-minute long exposures.

    Dynamic Range 

    The dynamic range of 15 f-stops and a maximum ISO sensitivity setting of 50000 provide sufficient reserves to be ready to handle any imaginable lighting situation and fully exploit the strengths of the medium format. 

    Subjects can be composed in the large and bright SLR viewfinder, focused sharply with the fast and reliable autofocus and captured at a continuous shooting rate of three frames per second. In addition to all other essential exposure settings, an electronic levelling aid (horizon) can also be displayed in the viewfinder. 

    Video on the S3

    The entire sensor can be used to record full HD and 4K (cinema resolution) video and the S3 will simultaneously record 48 kHz, 16-bit stereo sound through an internal microphone. External microphones may also be attached, and both automatic and manual level adjustments can be made.

    The LCD screen displays a Live-View image with a refresh rate of up to 60 fps, available in both stills and video recording mode, also allowing focus peaking, brightness and exposure data, a clipping warning, grids and a histogram to be superimposed onto the image.

    Always connected

    The S3 features an integrated GPS function for geotagging images with precise geographical location and the exact time with the aid of satellites and an in-built WiFi system that allows you to connect the camera to the Leica FOTOS 2.0 app. The S3 can be remotely controlled through the app.

    Made for longevity 

    Just like previous S body models, the S3 is made for extreme resilience. The magnesium body is fitted with Corning®Gorilla®Glass over the 3-inch monitor. The lens bayonet is cast from solid stainless steel and the body is sealed against dust and spray water.

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Leica Fotos App

Compatible with Leica FOTOS App

The Leica FOTOS app is one universal app for iPhone and iPad and Android Devices. Connect your Leica camera and transfer, view, edit and share your photos. Benefit from a seamless integration of Adobe Lightroom on iOS and iPadOS, enabling you to complete your mobile workflow experience down to the professional editing of your pictures.

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