Leica S-Adapter C
Material number

Das Wesentliche

  • to use on Leica S cameras

  • Adapter for Contax-645-System lenses

  • supports all lens functions

  • complete integration of the lens in the Leica S system

  • Product description
  • Technical Specs
  • This adapter allows all lenses from the Contax 645 system to be mounted on a Leica S. All lens functions, such as autofocus and automatic diaphragm, are retained. The smart electronics of the adapter facilitate the complete integration of the lenses into the Leica S-System.

  • Technical data

    Dimension approx. 84.5 x 16.5mm
    Weight approx. 120g
    Compatible Contax 645 lenses Distagon T* 30 f/3.5
      Distagon T* 45 f/2.8
      Distagon T* 55 f/3.5
      Planar T* 80 f/2
      APO-Macro-Planar T* 120 f/4
      Sonnar T* 140 f/2.8
      Sonnar T* 210 f/4
      Tele-APO-Tessar T* 350 f/4
      Vario-Sonnar T* 45–90 f/4.5
      Mutar 1.4× T*
      Automatic extension ring 13mm
      Automatic extension ring 26mm
      Automatic extension ring 52mm
    Non-compatible Contax 645 lenses Automatic bellows unit
      The Apo-Macro-Planar T* 120 f/4 does not allow automatic focusing.
      When using extension rings, the focal plane set automatically or indicated as sharp by the corresponding signal may differ slightly from the plane the metering field is aimed at.