Leica Spotting Scopes

For an impressive nature experience

The fascination of nature grows with every new detail. With the high-performance Leica Spotting Scopes, users discover the wonders of the world every second.

The scopes offer a sharp, bright and crystal clear view of even the most distant subjects. The innovative APO-Televid series features apochromatically corrected systems and utilise the fluoride (FL) glasses’ special properties to ensure superior resolving power.


Fluoride glasses

State-of-the-art optics for best colour and contrast

The FL glasses incorporated in Leica spotting scopes contain a lot of calcium fluoride. They ensure very low dispersion and better correction of aberrations – for an impressively natural viewing experience.


Focusing on focus

Capture the finest details at any distance

With this innovative feature, zooming in on details becomes much smoother, faster and more precise. The Leica Dual Focus with micro-focusing capability allows capturing of the finest details in perfect sharpness.