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Our Purchasing Team

Frank Bergmann
Director Global Sourcing
Product groups: Sensors
Tel: +49(0)6441/2080-364

Andrea Link
Assistent Global Operations | Purchase | SCM
phone +49(0)6441/2080-644

Jan Meyer
Strategic Purchaser
Product group: OEM/ODM-products 
phone +49(0)6441/2080-393

Andreas Freisens
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Printing, Rubber, Synthetics
phone +49(0)6441/2080-254 

Michael Wolf
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Optics,Bags, Productpackaging
phone +49(0)6441/2080-225

Frank Becker
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Mechanical, Surface-finishing, Semi-finished products
phone +49(0)6441/2080-454

Thomas Van der Heuysen
Strategic Purchaser
Production group: Electronics, PCB (Bare Boards), PCBA (Assembled PCBs), Displays
phone +49(0)6441/2080-336  

Frank Kraft
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Software, OEM-products
phone +49(0)6441/2080-391

Andreas Born
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Cast parts, stamping parts
phone +49(0)6441/2080-522

Phillip Schönfeld
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Electronics, Electronic components, Cable, Batteries, Charger
phone +49(0)6441/2080-897

Kim Kaiser
Supplier management E-Procurement / Processes / Advertising Material, Accessories, Point of Sales
phone +49(0)6441/2080-755

Sascha Kammer
Indirect Purchasing
Product groups: Facility management, facilities, investments, IT
phone +49(0)6441/2080-362

Markus Schmitt
Indirect Purchasing
Product groups: Services, agencies, logistics, packaging 
phone +49(0)6441/2080-219

Anna Hederich
Indirect Purchasing
Product groups: Personal protective equipment, Operating and office equipment, auxiliary and operating materials, testing/measuring equipment, books
phone +49(0)6441/2080-353