TS-APO-Elmar-S 120 f/5.6 ASPH.
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Das Wesentliche

  • Full control over perspectives and the location of the plane of sharpest focus 

  • Creative Tilt & Shift photography

  • best image quality to the edges thanks to aspherical surfaces

  • sealed against dust and splash water

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  • In the same way as with a field camera, the adjustments possible with the Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH. (96 mm in 35 mm format) allow full control over perspectives and the location of the plane of sharpest focus. The lens delivers an image circle with a diameter increased by 24 mm to allow parallel shifts of up to 12 mm in relation to the optical axis in all directions. This effectively relocates the viewing standpoint and correspondingly alters the perspective - this, for example, allows product photography without undesired converging or diverging verticals. Independent of this shift function, the lens can also be tilted by up to 8° in all directions to tilt the plane of sharpest focus according to the Scheimpflug principle. Using this technique, you can shoot a subject from an oblique angle at maximum definition. Due to its special construction as a tilt/shift lens, the external form of the Leica TS-APO -Elmar-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH . differs from the other S-System lenses. Along with a focusing ring for setting the correct distance, a preset ring and a setting ring are provided for adjusting the aperture. The lens has a total of four rings for controlling tilt and shift. One turn/push ring each for setting the tilt and shift direction and one each for setting the degree of tilt or shift. The lens is also fitted with a tripod plate with 1/4"" and 3/8"" bushes that, thanks to a rotatable clamping ring and a fixing screw, allow the lens to be fixed in any chosen position.

  • rear lens cap (order no. 16020), front lens cap (order no. 16027/ E95), soft case (order no. 439-606.110-000)