Leica ER 6.5-26 x 56 LRS (Magnum ballistic)

LRS, Magnum Ballistic with BDC Sport

Designed specifically for long range shooting, the new ER 6.5-26 x 56 LRS gives you exceptionally high levels of magnification, light transmission and contrast. In particular, minimal colour-fringing was a requirement for the development of the optics. The result: best optical quality for maximum contrast even for magnifications on long distances. Thanks to its finely tuned elevation tracking, users can achieve absolute precision when sighting in and setting the planned point of impact - especially on long distances. What's more, the ER 6.5-26 x 56 LRS has a large eye relief, making it safer for use with calibres required for longer-range shots. The design is slim, classic and has a large mount. The proven mechanics mean maximum safety for you at every shot - on the terrain or during a competition. A new, special "Long Range" reticle with a reduced crosshair thickness ensure optimal target detectability, thus enabling very relaxed and sustainable observation.