Ralph Gibson

Political Abstraction

Leica Gallery São Paulo presented an exhibition of the new work by Ralph Gibson, Political Abstractions. The Gallery showed 26 images at the main exhibition floor as well a film about the Photographer life at the Container floor. The images are included in the book Ralph Gibson: Political Abstractions which was released simultaneously with the show.

Political Abstraction is the name of a recent serie of color and black-and-white photographic diptychs by the acclaimed Fine Art photographer Ralph Gibson. In these works, the viewer experiences several simultaneous visual movements dealing with the migration of color and shape across seemingly simple imagery. Both images are printed on a single sheet with a large margin separating them and around them. The correlation between the figures side by side are inevitable. Finally the tension between the two images supersedes any other accord.The work object becomes no longer the individual photos or their juxtaposition but the act of looking at them. 

Gibson has devoted his pursuit to the idea that the viewer of his work is the actual subject of the piece itself. The photographs are relative but not restricted to the intention of the subject or the photographer. These works have been made during travels in eight countries, yet they remain remarkably unified in their perception. In this way, Gibson’s visual signature remains intact throughout the entire series.

Ralph Gibson: Political Abstraction
29/10/2015 - 31/10/2016
Gallery Sao Paulo