Esther´s World

Esther Haase
Leica Gallery Salzburg

As an imaginative director, Esther Haase creates visual worlds full of magic and dynamism. She is the empathy-driven chronicler of an erotic and always self-confident image of women.

Many things come together in her multi-faceted work: The desire to photograph, but above all the desire to stage people and fashions. Her pictures are like dances with the camera - and dance is also particularly important to the photographer in real life. Everything is choreography. Nothing seems unnecessarily heavy, forced or stilted. Snapshot romanticism and short stories are characteristic stylistic devices alongside the blurring of movement. Her often cinematic motifs suggest with a knowing wink that life is a dazzling stage on which one should not take oneself and others too seriously behind all the backdrops, costumes, masks and make-up.

"Her works celebrate the joy of existence, passion, the self-confident play with sexuality, the escape from the rigid corset of everyday life, but above all people in their entirety: adventurous, strong, courageous, erotic, sometimes melancholic and introverted, but always completely with themselves. Her female characters are assertive and self-confident; like Esther herself, they are full of energy and emotion, always in dynamic motion." (F.C. Gundlach)

Esther Haase has been working for international clients and renowned magazines for many years. The photographer switches playfully between the genres of fashion, portrait, reportage and free art projects. She has photographed Vivienne Westwood, Angela Merkel and Karl Lagerfeld, worked for "Vogue" and "Vanity Fair" and realised advertising campaigns for Guess and Escada. Her work is represented in museums and collections.

Esther Haase "Esther´s World"
17/11/2022 - 25/03/2023
Leica Gallery Salzburg