Phil Penman


Acclaimed street photographer, Phil Penman, will show a selling exhibition of his work at Leica Gallery London from 12th April 2021. The exhibition, 'STREET' will exhibit 14 limited edition prints the British-born photographer has captured over two decades photographing New York City, its inhabitants and 'all it has to offer'.

Penman documented the rapid flux of New York City’s streets – its living and breathing - on various Leica M cameras and the Leica SL. His debut book, ‘STREET’, which launched in 2019  as the number one release on Amazon for street photography, has since become a best seller and recently featured at MOMA, New York.  

The exhibition shows a range of images from every corner of the vibrant city, from New York businessmen, colourful Harlem streets to urban skateboarders in Brooklyn. “If I was to say what I hope to achieve with my street photography, it would be to keep documenting the ever-changing streets of New York City in all its rat-infested, garbage-mounted glory.”  

Penman credits Leica as a big part of his success, "I was sold a Leica M7 by a friend and became addicted to the quality of the glass and simplicity the camera gave me. I was now free to concentrate purely creatively.” 

Phil Penman - Street
12/04/2021 - 29/05/2021
Gallery London