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Leica Camera shares a passion for and a love of creative photography of the highest standards with many people around the world – that’s why making such works and their creators accessible to people with this passion has always been important to Leica. After all, the name Leica also stands for a rather special pictorial culture. For decades now, and for this precise reason, Leica has offered both prominent Leica photographers and emerging new talents an opportunity to present their work to a wider audience. The Leica Galleries were conceived as the ideal forum for this purpose.

The tradition of the Leica Galleries goes back to the 1970s. The first Leica Gallery was founded in Wetzlar in 1976 and currently resides in the headquarters of Leica Camera AG. Further galleries were to follow, and today, Leica Galleries are found in many parts of the world.

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Leica Galerie Milano

La Leica Galerie Milano, situata nella meravigliosa cornice di Piazza del Duomo, è il luogo ideale dove vivere la propria passione per la fotografia.

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Leica Picture of the Year 2022

Del leggendario fotografo Magnum Thomas Hoepker.

Dal 2021, Leica Camera AG sceglie una Leica Picture of the Year tra quelle scattate da eccezionali fotografi Leica inseriti nella Leica Hall of Fame. Ad oggi, dodici rinomati fotografi sono stati insigniti del premio Leica Hall of Fame. Con l'intento di condividere un pezzo di questo successo con tutti gli appassionati di Leica, ciascuna Leica Picture of the Year sarà offerta esclusivamente presso le 25 Leica Galleries in tutto il mondo. Queste edizioni limitate offrono ai collezionisti e agli amici di Leica la possibilità di creare un’esclusiva collezione di fantastiche fotografie Leica.

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