LEICA | ZEGNA Insta-Pack

Material number
sprea blue

Insta-pack, Cross-body bag

This cross-body bag reflects a new approach to luxury, craftsmanship and refinement. The functional Insta-pack is another modern way to keep your Leica with you at all times. The bag is perfect for a compact camera and all your daily essentials: smartphone, wallet etc. Manufactured in the most refined veal leather using the PelleTessuta™ technique, the Insta-pack is defined by a unique and luxurious aesthetic.

It is suitable for most of Leica’s compact cameras, as well as the Leica CL with the 18 mm ‘pancake’ lens. Available in five colour variations: Nero, Vicuna, Cedro, Sprea Blue and Loden. Made in Italy.

Product dimension: 400 x 150 x 90 mm

Name Order number
LEICA | ZEGNA Insta-pack, Sprea Blue, seasonal 98240
LEICA | ZEGNA Insta-pack, Cedro, seasonal 98239
LEICA | ZEGNA Insta-pack, Loden, seasonal 98241
LEICA | ZEGNA Insta-pack, Nero, permanent 98237
LEICA | ZEGNA Insta-pack, Vicuna, permanent 98238