Leica Hall of Fame Award 2018

Jürgen Schadeberg
Handstand on the Hamburger Michel
A couple kissing at a Purim Party
A Pub in Glasgow

The Leica Hall of Fame honoured Jürgen Schadeberg with the prestigious award two years before his death - one of many recognitions for the impressive life's work of this photographer. Over seven decades, the German artist has captured moments that are destined for eternity.

Born in 1931 in Berlin, Jürgen Schadeberg began his journey after training as a photographer in 1950. With a small but valuable companion - a Leica IIIa - he set off for South Africa. There, he documented the 1950s and became a photographer for the magazine DRUM, which supported the emancipation of the black middle class. Among his works are iconic photos of personalities such as the former President of Africa, Nelson Mandela, as well as the singer Miriam Makeba and many others.

The images of Jürgen Schadeberg traveled around the world and are still known today as some of the most significant shots ever taken. However, even after his time in South Africa, he continued his photographic journey. He consistently remained true to his unique style and the art of photography. However, in 1964 he was forced to leave the country as his stance was in conflict with the prevailing apartheid politics and he continually came into conflict with the authorities.

He traveled through Europe and America and continued his reportages. It wasn't until 20 years later that he returned to South Africa to continue his work until 2007. It was particularly important to him to photograph people in their everyday lives as authentically as possible, without interfering in their lives.

This exhibition provides an insight into many iconic images from a much larger archive. This collection is part of the Leica Gallery Wetzlar and is supplemented by the archive of Jürgen Schadeberg's wife, Claudia Schadeberg. Immerse yourself in the life and work of this extraordinary photographer and be inspired by his timeless images.

Leica Hall of Fame Award 2018 -- Schadeberg - Nürnberg
28/07/2023 - 14/10/2023
Leica Gallery Nuremberg