Leica SL2
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Das Wesentliche

  • The SL2 is, next to the Leica M, the only mirrorless full-format system camera designed and crafted in Germany

  • Optimized design with clear menus

  • Improved ergonomics for stress-free shooting in any situation

  • CMOS sensor with 47 megapixels for superior image quality

  • Leica Object Detection Autofocus

  • In-body stabilization through sensor-shift technology

  • Leica EyeRes® viewfinder with 5.7MP resolution

  • Maestro III processor for ultra-fast operation

  • Always up-to-date thanks to continuous firmware updates

  • L-Mount bayonet

  • Product description
  • Included in the box
  • The unique look of the silver Leica SL2 is reminiscent of the typical design of the popular silver Leica M and Leica R camera classics. Like its black variant, it represents pure performance and unrivaled craftsmanship. It impresses with optimal ergonomics, combined with the proven and simplified three-button control concept. This concept gives the camera a unified design language that extends across multiple product lines from Leica. While cutting-edge features such as in-body image stabilization unlock newfound potential from legendary Leica M-Lenses, it simultaneously augments the growing selection of SL-Lenses, some of the finest optics Leica has ever produced.

  • Leica SL2, silver anodised | Carrying strap | Battery | Bayonett cover | Charger & Cables (EU, US)