Leica Cine 1

Leica Camera AG`s first laser TV

Leica Camera AG revolutionises the future of television and is presenting its first laser TV at the IFA, the Leica Cine 1.


Leica Camera AG enters the market for large-scale TV and home cinema products and is presenting its first laser TV, the Leica Cine 1, at the IFA. The premium manufacturer is thus setting a further milestone in its 100-year history, which has been shaped by innovation.

The new short-throw projector technology with a triple RGB laser as a light source and integrated TV tuner (‘laser TV’) will fundamentally change the television display market. According to market experts, the new technology will quickly establish itself in the range of display sizes from 80 inches. With brilliant picture quality in 4k resolution, but significantly lower consumption values at the same time compared to traditional LED televisions, consumers will be able to have a real home cinema experience in the comfort of their own living room in future with display sizes up to 140 inches. The approx. 60×40 cm projector can easily be integrated into the design of a room and is therefore also an interesting alternative to the heavy and dominant LED displays in terms of homeliness.

The first Leica laser TV with outstanding optical performance in an exceptionally puristic Leica design combines brilliant 4k picture quality in 80- and 100-inch displays with an impressive Dolby Atmos audio system as well as intuitive handling and user-friendliness. At its core is the projection system with triple RGB laser technology and a sophisticated optical system manufactured in accordance with Leica standards. In doing so, Leica once again underscores its constant commitment to technical innovations of the highest quality and expands its core competence in the field of imaging: for the first time, the unmistakable character and outstanding quality of a Leica image can be experienced in 80- or 100-inch format in moving pictures.


‘In the future, optical expertise will become a key success factor in the TV market, the largest consumer electronics market in the world with over US$100 billion in annual sales. I am therefore proud that, in cooperation with our strategic partner and on the basis of our leading optical expertise on a global basis, we have succeeded in creating an extraordinary product with the Cine 1: ‘Optical high-tech meets design.’ With the Cine 1, consumers can experience cinematic pleasure within the comfort of their own homes at the highest audiovisual level – cinema is coming home,’ says Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG.

Dr Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and majority owner of Leica Camera: ‘Projection has been around for a long time at Leica under the Pradovit brand, which is why the new entry into the laser TV segment is a logical step. I would like to say one thing about our new Leica Cine 1: welcome back to the future! With this device, our customers can now also enjoy the authentic Leica look in the intelligent projection segment and experience the best Leica picture quality as a cinematic experience at home.’

The Leica Cine 1 will be available in Europe from Q2 2023.