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Leica Store Copenhagen Østergade – a new star amongst the Leica Stores! Are you a contented photo enthusiast with a weakness for fairy-tale cities? Are you someone who can't get enough of the magical world of photography? If so, then there's an additional highlight for you on your next visit to the Danish capital: make a point of visiting the new Leica Store Copenhagen Østergade and let yourself to be inspired by the experience of the Leica brand. In the middle of the pulsing heart of downtown Copenhagen, the new Leica Store presents the iconic story of Leica photography with all its exceptional products. Discover the “essence” of great photographic art; and to further deepen the experience, there's a coffee lounge and an inner courtyard where you can exchange impressions with fans, experts and friends of the brand. Visit the new Leica Store Copenhagen Østergade and let the magic envelop you!

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Gift Vouchers can also be purchased in the store.

Experience Elements

In addition to the presentation and sale of our products, we are pleased to offer you a comprehensive photographic experience that will immerse you deeply into the world of art and Leica heritage! Get an overview here:

Inside view of the Leica Gallery and Store Copenhagen Ostergade

In-Store Gallery

Tank up on inspiration and emotional experience at our In-Store Gallery! Leica Camera stands for passion and a great love of photography. A global network of Leica Galleries has been created to make photographic art available for all. We have joined in this tradition and present rotating exhibitions by photographers from around the world. "The Youth" By Ruben Hughes is a street portrait series focusing on the young people of Copenhagen, shot on the Leica M6, and will be exhibited until January 2023. Our In-Store Gallery invites you to immerse yourself in the culture of Leica photography!


Leica Akademie

Learn new techniques and perfect your existing knowledge – this is all made easy by the Leica Akademies. Increase your photographic know-how and experience the whole world of iconic photography with the Leica Akademie programs. These include sharing Leica product know-how, a range of workshops, camera test runs, in-store events and photo walks. Our newsletter covers the whole diversity of activities: sign up and let your talents unfold!


Second Hand Products

We're all for sustainability: in addition to brand new photo and sports optic products and accessories, you are welcome to browse through the certified second-hand items of offer. You'll discover, for example, that the M lenses from the fifties also fit the latest camera models! Do you have a Leica product you'd like to sell? Please get in touch! Our on-site experts are available for advice, testing and evaluation. Finally, we can offer you purchase and trade-in possibilities for your "old treasures”.

Customer Care Service

Customer Care Services

Our promise to you: the Leica network of factory-trained experts is available all over the world to ensure that the value of your Leica products is maintained. This is also the case at the Leica Store Copenhagen Østergade: from professional sensor cleaning for all the interchangeable lens systems, individual leather fitting (design or redesign possibilities for your Leica camera) and the exchange of external parts (small repairs on products), to firmware updates and pixel mapping, our experienced and committed co-workers are happy to take care of all your needs.

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The Store Team

Our professional team is looking forward to welcoming you in a relaxed setting, sharing our passion and enthusiasm for photography and art with you while offering you comprehensive product consultations in accordance with your ideas and needs. Please contact us at for an individual appointment.