Leitz Phone 1

Your story deserves to be told. The first smartphone designed by Leica.

Introducing the Leitz Phone 1 to the Japanese market, the first smartphone to combine uncompromising quality, peerless optical engineering, and imaging software mastery with iconic Leica design. The Leitz-Phone 1 enables you to capture and share personal moments of everyday life with pictures of unique Leica quality.

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More than a Smartphone. A Century in the Making.

Named after our founder and tribute to Ernst Leitz (II), who revolutionized the world of photography in 1924 with the invention of modern 35mm photography. The Leitz Phone 1 has the world-famous Leica camera experience at its heart allowing you to concentrate entirely on adapting the essentials of photography to everyday life.

A new milestone in Leica's history, it underlines our reputation for the highest quality in technical innovation.

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Iconic Design.

Designed by our own design studio in Germany, the Leitz Phone 1 follows our commitment to reducing to the essentials with clear, minimal, and intuitive handling characteristics. Crafted from the highest quality materials as signalled by the Leica logo, its aluminium case in anodised silver is elegantly combined with matt-black Gorilla-glass.

The highest degree of technical precision is seen in sophisticated details like the knurled edges of the phone which keep it secure, even in wet conditions.

The iconic Leica lens cap, to protect the lens, is held in place magnetically, demonstrating the functional and beautiful Leica design philosophy.

The simplicity and high-end finish of the silicon case provides protection against dust and moisture with the refined aesthetics you know and expect from Leica.


True Camera User Experience.

The handling is a source of intense pleasure. The Leitz Phone 1 is intuitive and easy to understand. As our entire product portfolio, it allows complete concentration on the subject, without having to battle with the camera’s settings. Giving you the possibility to focus on taking better picture, worrying less about options and settings. Nothing more and nothing less.


Lens Designed by the World Leaders.

A fast f/1.9 lens and up to 6-fold digital zoom, the integrated Leica lens technology of the Leitz Phone 1 delivers brilliant pictures in RAW and JPEG formats that impress with high quality and true-to-life detail, especially in large-format prints. The equivalent of 19mm focal length in full-frame allows an extraordinary wide field of view for immersive composition and breath-taking views.


The Largest Sensor Ever in a Smartphone.

Featuring an extraordinarily powerful 1-inch image sensor with 20.2 megapixels paired with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 processor 5G mobile platform. The sensor size allows the Leitz Phone 1 to capture more light and produce brilliant image quality that is unsurpassed within the smartphone industry.


Leica Expertise in Every Photo.

As with all Leica cameras, The Leitz Phone 1 embodies our passion for concentrating on the essentials: ‘Das Wesentliche’, and the essential element of photography is the image. Based on our experience for more than 100 years, Leica’s proven optical engineering know-how ensures top grade lens design combined with the aid of long-standing Leica optical and signal processing expertise. Every image taken with the Leitz Phone 1 reflects the essence of Leica image quality and is testimony to Leica’s unparalleled optical capability and image software expertise.

Ambientshot Leitz Phone 1

Revolutionary Software.

Our proprietary software engine, the “Leitz Engine”, brings state-of-the-art computational bokeh, colour correction, edge refinement and realistic noise reduction to smartphone photography.

The “Leitz Looks” mode has been developed by Leica engineers and delivers extraordinarily sharp black-and-white images with a typical Leica camera look-and-feel, based on the visual language of the flagship Leica M Monochrom. Even more Leitz Looks will be made available with later firmware updates.

A pre-installed “LFI.Widget” presents constantly the best photos from the Leica Fotografie International Gallery - the curated platform for Leica photographers worldwide. Depending on personal taste and interest, the selection of categories as well as the frequency of the refresh of new images can be configured individually.

‘Leica has a long-established tradition that is and always has been characterised by the constant pursuit of technical innovation. We welcome smartphones, because they make a very valuable contribution to the world of photography. For Leica, the launch of our own smartphone is the next and logical step on the path to the technologies of the future. Personally, it fills me with pride when I see that Leica Camera AG has once again set a significant milestone in both the history of the company and smartphone photography with the Leitz Phone 1.’
Dr Andreas Kaufmann, Majority Shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Technical Details

Take a look at the technical details of the phone.

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Make It Your Own.

The Leitz Phone 1 is designed to capture life as you see it. Unleash your creative freedom and share it with the world, because your story deserves to be told.

Exclusively available in Japan.

The Leitz Phone 1 is produced exclusively for the Japanese market in collaboration with Sharp Corporation and is available from SoftBank, Japan’s leading distributor of information and communications technology.

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