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Leitz Phone 3

More than a smartphone. A Leica experience.

The third generation of the LEICA smartphone

The Leitz Phone 3 brings pure joy – every day and every second – by capturing your personal moments in the highest quality images. With innovative photographic options, an iconic design and high-quality craftsmanship, the new Leitz Phone embodies Leica’s photographic legacy. Reduced to the essentials. Optimised to seize your photographic opportunities. The Leica camera experience in a smartphone.

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Iconic design, timeless elegance

The third generation of the Leitz Phone is closer to the history of the Leica brand than ever. The brand, synonymous in the field of photography with the “Made in Germany” guarantee of quality, has concentrated on the essentials in the design of the compact, sleek and user-friendly Leitz Phone 3. Inspired by the iconic design of legendary Leica cameras, functional beauty and a high-quality feel are what set the Leitz Phone 3 apart. The back has the unmistakable look and feel of a Leica and offers the perfect grip to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

The Leitz Phone 3 is not only easy to use. Weighing it at just 209 grams, it is particularly comfortable to carry. Details like a lens cap with a magnetic fastening system bear witness to the smartphone’s proud legacy.

How the story began

At the beginning of everything is the idea. Visionary company founder Ernst Leitz revolutionised the world in 1925 with his bold idea to mass produce the first 35 mm camera. His innovation has been carried forth ever since by the Leica philosophy and culminates in exceptional products, such as the Leitz Phone 3. In remembrance of the courage, spirit and vision of the Leitz family, the smartphone bears their name.

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Leitz phone 3 front and back view

Your moments. Your opportunities.

A high-end smartphone camera is expected of Leica. Expectations that Leica not only fulfils, but creates. A hundred years of optical expertise have been poured into the Leitz Phone 3 to capture your moments in unforgettably brilliant images. The Leitz Phone 3 offers an exceptional camera system and unique photographic features.

The rear camera has a wide-angle lens with an effective resolution of 47.2 megapixels (MP), 6x digital zoom and a 1-inch CMOS image sensor, which interacts perfectly with the powerful Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 processor. The front camera with 12.6 MP features an 8x continuously adjustable digital zoom, a wide field of view of 78° and an impressive lens aperture of f/2.3.

Improved Leitz Looks

The Leitz Looks ensures unmistakable Leica pictures. This specially developed software engine simulates the look of the three most famous Leica M-Lenses: the Noctilux-M 1:1.2/50, Summilux-M 1:1.4/28 and Summilux-M 1:1.4/35. The exclusive “variable aperture” feature enables the simulation of a range of aperture stops from f/1.2 or f/1.4 to f/8. This allows bokeh, vignetting and spotlight rendering to be controlled. The resulting images boast realistic lighting effects, the finest object segmentation and the signature Leica colour scheme – breathtaking images that offer scope for creativity and are unique in the realm smartphone photography.

leitz phone 3 black

Unique in the world of smartphone photography

The “Leica Perspective Control” is a software feature that was previously only found in Leica cameras. Leica has now integrated it into a smartphone for the first time in the Leitz Phone 3. This feature corrects the perspective of falling vertical lines, especially in architectural photography, and a gyroscope measures the camera angle at the time of exposure. Following on an image correction is calculated using an algorithm and shown by means of a white rectangle with the new frame of the image. The correction occurs in a JPEG – the DNG format remains unaffected.

Setting the tone in the image

Pictures even closer to the characteristic Leica look are made possible by combining lens simulation with Leica Tones. You can select one of five tones to achieve the results. The colour tones that were developed especially for the Leitz Phone 2 continue to be available: Monochrom, Cinema Classic and Cinema Contemporary. In addition, two new tones have been added to the Leitz Phone 3: Vivid creates lively, dynamic shots and Enhanced increases contrast and lightens shadows.
Colourful flowers
Colourful flowers
Cinema Contemporary
Colourful flowers
Cinema Classic
Colourful flowers
Colourful flowers
Colourful flowers

Two widgets exclusively available for the Leitz Phone

The Golden Hour widget was especially developed for the Leitz Phone to ensure your photos and films are always put in the best light. The widget takes your location into account to pick the ideal time for fascinating images in the golden hour before sunset and after sunrise.

The LFI widget, also specially designed for the Leitz Phone, continuously presents images from the Leica Fotografie International Gallery – our curated platform for Leica photographers worldwide.

leitz phone 3 black front view

The Leica camera experience

The Leitz Phone can trace its lineage to the Leica camera family down to the finest detail. Visual, haptic and acoustic characteristics such as the Leica icons and fonts, the viewfinder frame in the preview, and the subtle Leica shutter noise round off the camera experience. In addition, the Leitz Phone 3 offers a watermark to lend your photos an air of professionalism by including important camera parameters, such as aperture, ISO, shutter speed and focal length as well as the Leitz logo.

More than a smartphone. A Leitz Phone.

As well as producing powerful imagery, the smartphone’s performance is also on a par with state-of-the-art mobile devices. Designed to run resource-hungry apps reliably, the phone includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 chipset, ample 512 GB of memory and a high-capacity 5000 mAh battery. The 6.6-inch Pro OLED display, equipped with the unique IGZO technology to conserve energy, presents images brilliantly regardless of lighting conditions and is protected by scratch- and shock-proof Gorilla Glass. The inner workings of the Leitz Phone 3 and your valuable data are protected from water and dust by a robust IPX5/8- and IP6X-certified housing.

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Leitz phone 3 back view
Exclusively available in Japan

The Leitz Phone 3 is produced exclusively for the Japanese market in collaboration with Sharp Corporation and is available from Softbank, Japan’s leading distributor of information and communications technology.

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