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Get Hands-On with the Leica SL2 and SL2-S

Register to book your complimentary Test Drive, and receive a Leica experience customized to meet your photographic vision. Learn how the Leica SL2 and SL2-S can serve to express your visual stories with the elusive Leica Look, and spark a passion for capturing unforgettable moments through both still and moving images. Pair the camera with the Leica M-Adapter L and an iconic M-Lens to broaden your creative horizons even further.

Whether you're new to Leica or a current SL-System owner, we'll personalize a perfect Test Drive for you.

SL Test Drive - How to book

How to book a Test Drive

You can try the Leica SL-System for up to 48 hours. Maximise your Test Drive experience by consulting with one of our Leica experts. With a 20-minute session online, we can assist you in navigating our range to find the system that is best suited for your needs.

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