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Leica UK's newest London store is Harrods’ new destination to see, experience and learn about the highest level of photography.

Harrods, the world’s most famous department store, moved its technology department from the third floor to the fifth floor, where Leica holds the prime position as one of the three brands to anchor the technology space. The latest Leica store offers customers an immersive experience of the full range of Leica products and inspirations. It's also home to the Leica Akademie, which offers an extensive schedule of photography workshops for photographers and enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Leica, as one of the world’s most respected camera manufacturers, has a unique heritage defined by over 100 years of innovative craftsmanship and knowledge, leading to the foundation of a loyal client base who appreciate the discreet design and hand-built nature of its products. Leica and Harrods have a unique synergy centred around premium quality products that give their customers a stylish edge whilst inspiring their creativity in a way that no other technology brand can offer.

Cine 1 Details Leica Design

Leica Cine 1 – il primo TV cinematografico di Leica

Il Leica Cine 1 è il sistema di intrattenimento integrato che offre autentiche esperienze di home cinema, direttamente nel tuo soggiorno. Questo televisore cinematografico intelligente affascina con l'eccezionale risoluzione dell'immagine 4K, il coinvolgente audio surround Dolby Atmos® e l'inconfondibile qualità Leica. 

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