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The traditional, artisanal film photography with its limitation to 24 or 36 exposures reflects a need for mindfulness in our age. It finds increasing popularity among photographers of a generation that grew up with digital technology. The anticipation of holding a freshly developed photo in your hands is part of the unique joy of shooting with film. In the case of a photo on film, the result is always an original. Unique and exclusive, with an aura that none can resist and that cannot be precisely reproduced digitally. 

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Leica Film Cameras

Tools to create uniqueness

Leica is one of very few manufacturers today to still produce cameras for both digital and film photography. And Leica can draw from more than a century of experience.  A vast store of experience that is today reflected in the precision-engineered perfection of the classic film Leicas: the M6, the M-A and the MP.

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Film is key

The right film stock for your creativity.

Celluloid film. The magical medium that carries the originals from film photographers around the world. 35 mm wide and to be handled with care. It is essential for the look and the characterisitcs of an image, to choose from the again growing range of film stock the one, that best fits the needs of photographers. A look at this short guide for beginners can help to make the right choice. 

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The Beauty of Imperfection

Joe Greer is a New York based photographer that specializes in film photography. With his Leica M6, Joe artfully composes images everywhere he goes and has a true love for the analog and the unique perspective he gets from shooting on film.