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Capture time in a way that is distinctively Leica: inspired by our photographic history and engineering excellence, with a focus on the essentials. Named after the German term “Zeitmesser” (meaning “time measuring device”), Leica’s ZM watches represent a 150-year legacy of outstanding quality and visionary design.

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Our collections

The Leica watch collection consists of the Leica ZM 1 and ZM 2 with its Monochrom Edition, and now also with the new Leica ZM 11.


Discover the new Leica ZM 11

Timepieces of iconic design language with Swiss automatic movement.


Discover our Collection

Leica ZM 1, Leica ZM 2 and Leica ZM Monochrom


Celebrating our History

Time has always played a central role within photography. While a watch tracks its passage, a camera records its moments. The Leica ZM retraces the history of the Leica camera all the way back to the early twentieth century, and pays tribute to the impact of horology on the Leitz company’s evolution.

In 1863, Ernst Leitz I, at just 20 years old, honed his fine-mechanical skills at a watchmaker’s workshop in Switzerland. This invaluable experience, combined with his extensive training in the fields of microscopy, telegraphy and optical engineering, laid the foundation for a venture of his own: recognising the possibilities of serialised production, he went on to establish the Ernst Leitz company in 1870.

In 1913 (now with Ernst Leitz II at the company’s helm), ingenious Leitz engineer Oskar Barnack conceptualised the world's first 35mm still camera – the Ur-Leica. This monumental breakthrough was not least owed to Ernst Leitz II's stalwart belief in Barnack’s capability and vision. In an era when cameras were large and cumbersome to handle, the small, portable Leica marked the birth of photography as we know it.

Ernst Leitz I’s early forays into the art of watchmaking may only have been a brief chapter in his journey. However, his background in the fine-mechanics of horology played a vital part in shaping Leica's storied history – which set the course for generations of photographers.

 I am so pleased that we were able to bring our customers a collection of watches that encapsulate the passion, artistry, and historic achievements of not only our cameras, but the incredible photographers that make Leica so special.
Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and majority shareholder of Leica Camera AG

Our mission: Turn Seconds into Moments

Photography is Leica’s language. Our mission is to bring together the timeless art of watchmaking with the evolving world of photography. Leica has always stood for the seamless fusion of simplicity and functionality, with a core focus on “das Wesentliche” – the essential. This philosophy allows us to provide our discerning customers with an experience that is as unparalleled as it is prestigious.

The Leica ZM watches are unique timepieces of the utmost precision, reliability and accomplished craftsmanship. Made with the same passion and attention to detail as our renowned cameras, each Leica watch embodies the pursuit of excellence that has defined our brand for over a century.

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