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Leica Fotografie International

The world of Leica photography since 1949

Leica Fotografie International (LFI) is one of the most long-established photography magazines on the market. Since 1949, the magazine has served as a definitive publication for those wishing to see, learn and find out about all things Leica. Eight times a year, LFI presents classic and contemporary portfolios by Leica photographers, and offers in-depth information on the latest Leica equipment.

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LFI Magazine

The world of Leica photography

LFI Magazine lets the photographic image take centre stage, celebrating the diversity of the photographic medium and the different camera systems. Every genre is equally appreciated – from photojournalistic reportages and fine-art portfolios to classic assignment work.

LFI provides reliable, first-hand information on all Leica-related topics, conveys expert knowledge about practical photography in general, and offers comprehensive information on the Leica’s S, SL, M, Q and TL/CL systems. 

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LFI online

More Leica photography

Compelling photo series, outstanding images by Leica enthusiasts worldwide, detailed, first-hand insights into new hardware and technology, as well as exclusive LFI+ content for subscribers – now available on the LFI website. 

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Share your images with Leica experts

The LFI.Gallery is a curated online platform where your images are evaluated by professional photo editors, and presented to the public. Take part and be inspired! 

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