Franziska Stünkel

Works from Coexist
Image by Franziska Stünkel

Leica Gallery London is pleased to announce the first UK exhibition of the internationally acclaimed series 'Coexist' by the German photographer and film director Franziska Stünkel.

Stünkel has committed the last 13 years to travel the globe with her Leica, subtly capturing visual layers whilst photographing fleeting moments and engaging the viewer to consider how we coexist as people in our habitats. Stünkel’s unique photographs are created by shooting multiple reflections through glass and processing exactly what she has frozen in that moment - without any re-touching or deletion.

Photographing with a Leica M has become an essential part of Franziska's work. Starting with the M9, and now the M11, she utilises the compact nature of the camera to allow her to go unnoticed as a photographer – she comments: “When I photograph, I want to be part of my surroundings. The Leica M is small and makes this possible. It has become a part of me. I live with it.”

Works from this series are held in international public and private collections, and in 2020 publisher Kerher Verlag produced the accompanying collector's book - which will also be available to purchase during the exhibition. The gallery will exhibit 10 works of varying sizes all of which are available for purchase. For more information on the works and the exhibition please contact

Franziska Stünkel - Works from Coexist
14/11/2022 - 04/01/2023