Leica Noctivid 10x42 "Edition olive green"
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  • focusing on even the smallest details thanks to 10-fold magnification

  • suppression of stray light and maximum contrast allows for observations of the smallest structures under challenging conditions

  • fatigue-free, relaxed observing thanks to compact construction and ideal weight distribution

  • limited edition

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  • More than a century of expertise in optical design, microscopes and cameras are the basis upon which Leica has created a new generation of Leica binoculars: the Noctivid. The Leica Noctivid glasses are compact in size, stylish, and elegant, but nevertheless unbelievably robust and resilient. Ideal for every walk of life, the new Leica NOCTIVID binoculars set new standards with their design alone. The binocular tubes can be easily grasped with one hand and, thanks to the short construction length, the weight is centered on the palm and allows for fatigue-free observing. The rubber armoring has outstanding grip, absorbs impacts, prevents slipping, and simultaneously lends the body of the binoculars a wonderfully comfortable feel. A patented, hardness class 8 surface coating provides additional protection for all exposed metal surfaces of the robust magnesium body. The real milestones however are set by the mechanical and optical design of the new Leica family of binoculars. They unite the best of the latest and most innovative technologies to create a new pinnacle of excellence. SCHOTT HTTM (High Transmission) glasses - already used in the Leica Ultravid HD-Plus optical design - ensure amazingly brilliant colours and a high transmission. Innovative baffle systems for the suppression of stray light guarantee optimum reduction of reflections and maximum contrast.

  • Binoculars, contoured neoprene carrying strap, protective lens cap, protective eyepiece cap, Cordura bag

  • Leica Noctivid 10x42 "Édition vert olive"

    L’équipement comprend Courroie de transport en néoprène, capuchons
    d‘objectifs et d‘oculaires, étui en Cordura
    Grossissement 10 x
    Diamètre de l’objectif 42 mm
    Pupille de sortie 4,2 mm
    Champ visuel à 1.000 m 112 m
    Pupille de sortie, distance focale 19 mm
    Angle objectif de vision 6,4°
    Distance minimum de mise au point env. 1,9 m
    Transmission 91%
    Compensation dioptrique ± 4 dpt
    Oculaires pour porteurs de lunettes oui
    OEilletons réglables par rotation oui, démontables, à quatre crans
    Distance interoculaire réglable 56 – 74 mm
    Focalisation Focalisation interne par axe de mise au point central
    Traîtement des lentilles HDC® multicouche et AquaDura®
    Système de prisme Prismes en toit avec traitement de correction
    de phase P40 et HighLux-System HLS®
    Etanchéïté à l’eau Pression d’eau jusqu’à 5 m de profondeur
    Corps Magnésium moulé sous pression, rempli d’azote
    Dimensions (L x H x P) 124 x 154 x 59 mm
    Poids env. 862 g
    Courroie flottante en néoprène, orange 42 163
    Adaptateur pour trépieds 42 220

    Les spécifications sont susceptibles de changer.