Leica Q2 | Disney “100 Years of Wonder”

Exclusive Special Edition Design
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We share a passion for storytelling with Disney. But above all, a visionary demand for quality. To revolutionise the techniques of animated film, Walt Disney used Leica from the very beginning. Since then, Disney has been animating its cartoon storyboards with Leica cameras and projectors. To celebrate Disney's 100th anniversary, we now reveal the well-kept secret of our collaboration with the limited edition Leica Q2 | Disney "100 Years of Wonder".


Disney's Leica cameras and projectors changed the techniques of animated film so profoundly and permanently that the term "Leica Reel" was coined in the early days. A "Leica Reel" is a storyboard technique that combines illustrations and soundtrack. The images align with prominent sound details and are linked to the sound as a photograph. This gives you a sense of the pace of a sequence. It’s how precisely coordinated storyboards are created. Stories that get under your skin and go straight to your heart.

Limited special edition for unlimited fun

Just one look at the Leica Q2 | Disney "100 Years of Wonder" reveals the collaboration between the two traditional companies. The cover of the special edition shows Mickey Mouse, Disney's best-known character and one of the world's most famous personalities. The drawings from 1937 were penned by Don Towsley, one of Disney's most renowned animators. From around this time, Disney also used Leica cameras and projectors to bring storyboard animations to life. 

Other design details are embossed on the camera’s top plate and display glass. The limited production run of 500 also includes a specially designed rope strap, a dust bag in matching design and a certificate of authenticity. Wrapped in specially designed packaging that, as soon as you unpack it, heightens the anticipation of a camera that you can use to tell your own fascinating stories.

Available worldwide from the end of April 2023.


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