Leica Store Bologna


The Leica Store Bologna is the reference point for all photography enthusiasts who wish to admire and try the entire portfolio of Leica products, supported by our qualified staff. Our Store is also a location for events, workshops, masterclasses and portfolio readings by leading authorities in the contemporary photographic world. At the Leica Store Bologna you can also find first-class used Leica photographic material, certified and guaranteed, as well as getting evaluations for trading secondhand products of all brands. With each new or used camera purchased, you will be entitled to a free one-to-one in-depth study with our specialized staff.



The Leica Store Bologna can offer you are many services. Personalized and free 60-minute pre and post-purchase demos are organized to allow you to discover all the details and peculiarities of Leica cameras, lenses and accessories. In case of need, the after-sales service is always active and, for owners of Full-frame cameras starting from M9 and Leica S, we offer free sensor cleaning twice a year, carried out at an authorized Leica center (one every six months maximum). In addition, you can get evaluation ad trade-in for your used LEICA products, as well as those of other brands.



There are several financial promotions that can be activated in the Leica Store Bologna. In the event of a purchase, you can activate loans for all individuals. On the other hand, in case of rental you can open various long-term rental solutions, both for private citizens and for professionals with a VAT number active for 3 years at least.

We also offer payments through Pagodil in order to distribute the expense among convenient monthly installments, directly by your pagobancomat card, without costs and interests.



Leica Store Bologna is not only a shop, but it is also a place to learn the art of Photography, thanks to the courses promoted by LEICA AKADEMIE ITALY. There you can also admire photographic exhibitions of the greatest international and Italian authors of yesterday and today.

In fact, our Store can host talks with great photographers and emerging talents of Italian and international photography, as well as technical insights to discover all the details and secrets of LEICA cameras and lenses. We also organize photographic walks -PHOTOWALK- to let you test LEICA cameras in the field along the streets and alleys of Bologna.



At the Leica Store Bologna we are interested in new, used and historic Leica cameras and lenses. We will give you competent advice, and are ready to purchase your individual pieces and discounts.

Come by and we will evaluate your Leica devices and make you an offer. You are also welcome to give your older Leica equipment in down-payment for a new item, or we can sell it for you on commission.

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Cine 1 Details Leica Design

Leica Cine 1 – el primer Cinema TV de Leica

Leica Cine 1 es el sistema de entretenimiento todo en uno que ofrece la auténtica experiencia de cine en casa, directamente en tu salón. El inteligente Cinema TV cautiva con una extraordinaria resolución de imagen 4K, sonido envolvente Dolby Atmos® envolvente y la inconfundible calidad Leica.

Descubre el arte del cine en casa