Leica S adapter H
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  • The S-Adapters enable the use of all Hasselblad H lenses with the Leica S2 camera. All lens functions such as autofocus, central shutters and automatic aperture are supported. Thanks to the intelligent electronics of the adapter, the lenses are completely integrated in the Leica S system.

  • 技術參數

    Dimensions approx. 114 x 46mm
    Weight approx. 290g
    Compatible Hasselblad lenses HCD 28 f/4
    HC 35 f/3.5
    HC 50 f/3.5 II
    HC 80 f/2.8
    HC 100 f/2.8
    HC Macro 120 f/4 II
    HC 150 f/3.2
    HC 210 f/4
    HC 300 f/4.5
    HC 50–110 f/3.5–4.5
    HCD 35–90 f/4–5.6
    Non-compatible Hasselblad lenses H 1.7x converter
    H 13mm intermediate ring
    H 26mm intermediate ring
    H 52mm intermediate ring
    H system CF adapter
    HCD 24 f/4,8